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Aviation Related links:

JAARS (do you want to be a missionary pilot? or work in a mission field? ):    www.JAARS.org
Air Nav (really good site for planning flights and fuel stops):     http://airnav.com/
ASL Cam Guard (an excellent protector for your engine):       http://aslcamguard.com/
Alpha Systems Angle of Attack Indicator (fly safer, we are a dealer for these systems):    www.alphasystemsaoa.com
GAMIjectors your engine run smoother and save fuel Lycoming and Continental (we are a dealer) http://www.gami.com/
ACF-50 Anti Corrosion treatment (we can do a treatment for your airplane):    http://learchem.com/products/acf-50.html

Miscellaneous: (friends and things that work well)

Third Strike Wingwalking: (best wing walking routine in the business)  https://tswingwalking.wordpress.com/

Dale Snodgrass Air shows:     http://natrium.dk/atg/
Doug Sudduth Photography (nice pictures of western North Carolina and clouds):    http://www.dougsudduth.com/
Van Fleet Aviation (flight training):    http://www.vfaviation.com/
Looking for a home in the western NC area? try Castle Rock (ask for Jim Dorman):    http://www.castlerock-realty.com/
Aircraft mechanic shirts (great looking shirts for your aircraft mechanic):    http://www.aircraftmechanicshirts.com/
Western North Carolina Pilots Association:  http://flywncpa.org

Local EAA home page:      www.eaa1271.org

Hickory EAA chapter 731: ( fly more young eagles than any other around) http://www.731.eaachapter.org/

Spruce Pine MIca Company: (high quality, machined parts for the aerospace industry and where we go when we are in a bind)  www.sprucepinemica.com

Airplanes: Let us help you find the aircraft that fits your needs

Pilatus Aircraft Want a go anywhere do anything STOL plane? It is time for the PC-6 Porter: http://www.pilatus-aircraft.com/
MS 760 Corp.  (want a four place VLJ? Make sure and tell them Ryan Montague sent you there):    http://ms760.com/